Good Vibes and Blessings: Ace da Vinci ft Jamila Wood x Hands Up (Visual)

Ace da Vinci finally drops my favorite song “Hands Up” and out of no where drops a visual featuring our beloved friend Niema and myself! This isn’t your typical video I must warn you. Creative vibes were flowing and out of no where a camera popped up! So this here is raw footage of true friends enjoying each others art and completely indulging in the talent of our friend! Luckily, you get to see me in rare form… having not a care in the world. Aside from the footage the song “Hands Up” is a beautiful piece of art it self. Ace teams up with Jamila Woods of M&O and they carry out this melodic song accapella embodying every essence of peace. Through out the song Ace and Jamila Woods encourages you to have faith in yourself and to put your hands up to “learn how to fly”. Just click play and be inspired. Salute to the homie Ace da Vinci! Take my word and don’t sleep on him; he has plenty of dope shxt dropping soon. Oh, peace and blessings to Niema on her journey in San Francisco, Cali. We love, miss and support you!

(This feature was personal. Appreciate your friends.. true friends that is!)




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