Hidden Gem: ME! x JustChris “Mango Smoothie”

Introducing ME! (MEL) a female emcee from Chicago. The word dope doesn’t do her any justice… shes ill! “Mango Smoothie” ft JustChris a smooth yet hard hitting track. You already don’t know what to expect with the title but once you press play you’re in a warp. The lyrics and metaphors keep coming the full way through. It’s something about ME!’s delivery that instantly catches your attention. Her flow is relaxed yet its punching. Then you have JustChris on the track just riding. Their flows complement each other so well. Press play above and see exactly what I’m talking about. Make sure you pay attention to these two.. they’re coming!  ME! also has an album releasing soon entitled “Through Concrete Flower Skies” no date was given but stay tuned for that. Salute to the both of them! KMSupports and I look forward to all of the upcoming releases. #SmartMouf

Social Media
ME!: @theillestmelody (IG & Twitter)
JUstChris: @Dope_JustChris (IG & Twitter)