Chicago Anthem: Chance The Rapper ft. Saba- Angels

Truly one of the best records out right now!  Chance The Rapper and Saba collaborate on what I call a Chicago Anthem “Angels.” If you want to take it back to the beginning of Chicago and footwork or bring it update and bop “Angels” truly captures the vibe of the city.  Most of you might have already heard it and I’m glad you have. For those who haven’t please catch up and press play above. Upbeat and phenomenal describes this song. “Angels” transfers to every age group. If you’re from Chicago I’m pretty sure this is one of your favorite songs right now. Chance and Saba being both from different sides of the Windy City they each bring unique energy  and finesse to the track. Not all of Chicago is drill and kill. We have an uplifting and rejoicing side which is what “Angels” captures. Press play and enjoy. Thank you Chance The Rapper and Saba! I’m proud of the both of you! Keep representing Chicago!

KMPicks: Kidnap Kid “So Close”

Completely float away with “So Close” by Kidnap Kid. I’ve been in love with music streaming from the UK for a while now. It seems like the genre of R&B has fully evolved into EDM (Eletric Dance Music) and the House Music world. If you’re missing rythm and blues give UK House a try. Kidnap Kid who is actually the producer and not the vocalist of this song created this beautiful piece back in 2013. We’re super late but we have time to catch up. Try something different bless your ears with this soulful eclectic sound.

EXPLICIT CONTENT: Father “Look At Wrist”

With an artist name like Father’s Liquor Cabinet you really don’t know what to expect. Sometime last year I ran across Father’s Liquor Cabinet better know as just Father and was completely in awe.  My first dosage of Father came from this song “Look at Wrist” featuring iLoveMakonnen and Key!. Which is completely EXPLICIT and vulgar. Father opens the song rapping about how a girl announced she didn’t want to keep his unborn baby and  later praises God for dodging the bullet. “Look At Wrist” in my opinion is absurd but at the same time you can’t help but to catch on and enjoy. The song actually released back in 2014 and has been receiving major buzz since then. The single comes off a mixtape that Father release by the name of “Young Hot Ebony.” Now this isn’t his latest release but if you’re playing catch up like me its a great place to start. So go ahead and press play above. Make sure there are no kids around and get ready to flick your wrist.

Towkio ft Leather Corduroys “God In Me”

Punch line after punch line… bar after bar… Towiko and his SAVEMONEY brethren creates a sick ass record.

“Competition get a crucifixion so really we the only hope! SAVEMONEY in this b*tch like wooo fu*k around and catch the Holy Ghost!” Towkio of SAVEMONEY spits over this ridiculous beat of horns, snare and bass with only a style which he posses. Making it a SAVEMONEY family affair he invites his brothers Leather Corduroys (Kami de Chikwu and Joey Purp). Punch line after punch line… bar after bar… Towiko and his SAVEMONEY brethren creates a sick ass record. “God In Me” reminds you of something like a cypher. From the hard beat, sick punch lines, and strong but subtle delivery; “God In Me” is nothing short of great. It shows exactly how SAVEMONEY has evolved.  Not to mention it’s a great introduction to who Towkio is and what he is capable of doing. If you’re not familiar with Towkio press play above and then completely binge on .Wav Theory.