Chicago Anthem: Chance The Rapper ft. Saba- Angels

Truly one of the best records out right now!  Chance The Rapper and Saba collaborate on what I call a Chicago Anthem “Angels.” If you want to take it back to the beginning of Chicago and footwork or bring it update and bop “Angels” truly captures the vibe of the city.  Most of you might have already heard it and I’m glad you have. For those who haven’t please catch up and press play above. Upbeat and phenomenal describes this song. “Angels” transfers to every age group. If you’re from Chicago I’m pretty sure this is one of your favorite songs right now. Chance and Saba being both from different sides of the Windy City they each bring unique energy  and finesse to the track. Not all of Chicago is drill and kill. We have an uplifting and rejoicing side which is what “Angels” captures. Press play and enjoy. Thank you Chance The Rapper and Saba! I’m proud of the both of you! Keep representing Chicago!


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