KMPicks: Mfn Melo x “AntiSocial”

PIVOT! “AntiSocial” by the homie Mfn Melo is by far one of my favorite underground records. I first met Mfn Melo in the middle of 2015 at Jerry’s in Chicago. He had a show that night and his performance alone made me fan. When I finally got the chance to actually search for him online and get a gist of who he is as an artist I was very pleased. “AntiSocial” was a stand out for me… “I don’t say to much, I don’t play too much.. it don’t matter who you are I ain’t fu-king with you.” Those few bars were something I could completely relate too and as you finish listening to the song you could basically deem it as your anthem. I placed the song on repeat and to this day haven’t stopped listening to it. Press play above and see why I’m rocking with Mfn Melo even if he is antisocial.


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