Ravyn Lenae ft Appleby “Free Room”

Sitting in at Ravyn Lenae’s listening session back in August for her EP Moon Shoes, I had the chance to lend my opinion on what KM Thinks. During the session we went through each track. Giving our honest opinions on what actually fit and what we felt could be withheld from the project. “Free Room” automatically stood out to me. Honestly one of my favorites on the EP. It gave me so much life. The song literally made me excited.. filled with good vibes. The track holds a feature from Appleby who is such a great addition. Appleby graces the track smoothly with the bass in his voice “bum bum bum.” The record is upbeat, it makes you move and people across the world are enjoying it just as much as me. “Free Room” has been featured on blogs and magaiznes all over Europe. Not surprising, Ravyn has a sound that those overseas throughly appreciate. There’s no boundary on how far Ravyn Lenae is going but catch on before it’s too late. Listen to the featured track “Free Room” above.


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