KMPicks: Tobi Lou “Game Ova”

“Love is just a silly game for two.. now gon’ ahead and play without me”, Tobi Lou sings in “Game Ova.” An official break up record. Tobi flexes on his ex, lets her know that she can no longer flex on him, and decides that the game is over. It seems as if he really liked the girl he quitting but she some how fu-ked him over. Before he quits her he brags about the females he’s currently ignoring but how they still call his phone. Basically,implicating that he’ll do just fine with out his current girl. At the end of the song he does express a little hurt singing “I was going to let you in.” I take that as a expression of he was really considering this young lady but either he decided or maybe she even decided the game was over. Click play listen to the break up as Tobi Lou decides that everything is everything and that the game is in fact over.


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