Not Just Another Feature: GXXD Stress “FREE”

This isn’t your regular feature. Usually, I feature vocal artist this time I’m lucky enough to feature an upcoming producer. GXXD Stress is his name and he has a recently released EP entitled “FREE.”I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked the link because I automatically assumed that he was a rapper. You have no clue how refreshed I was to hear beats instead of vocals. I have a respect for producers because in most cases its the beat the either makes you love or hate a song. GXXD Stress channels what most would call “house” or maybe even “EDM” on the EP. I thoroughly enjoyed every track. Four eclectic beats with a feel that I mostly hear from overseas, “FREE” is an amazing introduction to the vibe of the upcoming producer. Click above and get familiar with GXXD Stress. #vibezzzz


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