Did You Catch It: D.R.A.M 1 Year

Did you catch it when it first dropped? D.R.A.M “1 Year” produced by Gabe Niles.

D.R.A.M, a rapper from Virginia who is the true creator of hit song “Cha Cha” that was later altered by Drake for “Hotline Bling”.  Although that maybe the thing you remember D.R.A.M by he is more than “Cha Cha”. He however did go on record about the situation. On “1 Year”he vents, “CTRL +C copying me won’t work too many people knew about mines first. Cha Cha.” he continues ” Ain’t no beef but nigga that shxt hurt to the point where I feel covered in that dirt!” This record serves as a full reflection of his last year. D.R.A.M expresses his feelings from his satisfaction to his disappointments. The production is on “1 Year” is insane! Producer Gabe Niles completely catches D.R.A.M’s style; his production complements the rapper inevitably.  The song is dope, the message serves as motivation to me personally. A clear message that all it takes is one year of consistency and you could be living your dreams. D.R.A.M is one of a kind… his style of rap has it’s own lane.  Check out “1 Year”, catch the wave and become inspired to bust your ass for the lifestyle you want.


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