KMThinks Meets The Boy Illinois

KMThinks meets The Boy Illinois and ohhhh what a dope conversation we had! From culture, to life, to music we covered it all! Shoutout to Swank PR for the opportunity. Click the link below and get intune with what’s brewing. #KMSupports


Check out The Boy Illinois ft.Alpha “Back Again”:

NEVER FORGET!: Vic Mensa “16 Shots”

Vic Mensa!!!!! Thank you!!!! Recently at REVOLT’s Justice For Flint, Vic took the stage to premiere two new songs; U Mad RMX ( Ode to the condition of Flint,MI) and 16SHOTS!( Ode to La’Quan McDonald). If you know me you know the work I do for receiving Justice for La’Quan McDonald, so this literally gave me life when I ran across it. It doesn’t surprise me that Vic decided to vent on the situation.  When video footage of La’Quan McDonald being shot sixteen times by bigot Jason Van Dyke was released Chicago went into an uproar. Vic Mensa along with hundreds of others (BYP100, Assata Daughters,etc) including myself took to the streets to protest. That night we were pushed, shoved, and even took over the highway as a presentation of awareness and frustration. Vic performs 16SHOTS for REVOLT’s crowd and has them repeat with him 16SHOTS! What a strong presentation! Let’s never forget what happen to our little brother La’Quan McDonald. Big thank you to Vic for shedding light on the situation on a major platform. United we stand, divided we fall! Click the video above and watch the passionate performance as Vic Mensa lets loose on the stage.