BlackGirlMagic: Meet ANU ORO


Black Girl Magic /blak · ɡərl· ˈmajik/ : a power that is filled with bliss, talent, and beauty that only a woman with melanin can possess.

Meet Anu Oro, she describes herself as a “Dream Artist” from Bronx, New York.

Anu’s artistry is both cultural and captivating. She has her own defining style with thick strokes and bold lettering. An outstanding artist she is indeed. It’s extremely important that we have various examples of how great we can be as black women. We can literally be anything imaginable… doctors, lawyers, business owners, musicians, or even an artist. Our greatness has no boundary. Having an example like Anu, who in my opinion has found something that she loves and decided to commit to is not only inspiring but also refreshing. The more I dig into the art world the more amazed I become. The pieces I feature here are only a glimpse of how amazing and powerful Anu’s art is. Visit her online gallery  to see what else she has in store. Support this queen and purchase one of Anu’s dreams.



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