The Campaign: bad ass black girl. 

The idea formulated from my personal journey within revolutionary work. If you know me then you know I switch it up often.. to a certain extent I’m unpredictable. I’m this way only because I don’t like the feeling of being boxed in. I know there are plenty of bad ass black girls just like me. I’m speaking of those girls who are in love with who they are and the culture of being black. Those who have causal “black lives matter conversations” but still have a cocktail and listen to Future. The girls who are socially aware but aren’t overly consumed (Even if you are I’m talking about you too!). The happy medium of turnt and woke. I want to shine light on women similar to me.. those girls who love fashion, love music, love knowledge, and enjoy a good time. Those girls who are not afraid of doing their own thing but do their thing in the essence of being fully aware of their crown. Those girls who get in their glo and don’t shy away from what makes them unique. I crown these girls “bad ass black girls.”

In society it’s such a big stigma on who we should be, what we should be doing, what we should eat lol.. etc. It’s like now a days we all attempt to fit into a mold when we know damn well we are unmoldable! I’m telling you bad ass black girl this is for you. I’m asking that you step front and center and join a community of other bad asses who are saying, “Hey! This is me! Love it? Hate it? Don’t matter! I am here to shake somethings up and have fun while doing it!” This is our year to bask in the greatness of what may not be the status quo but it’s our own personal status. Trust me somebody appreciates it and we are about to make it cool to be yourself again.

So I’m saying all of this to say come join me and some other bad ass black girls. I’m running this campaign all year long. I want you to submit your stories, your questions, your friends, and who you think should be featured as a #badassblackgirl to The takeover starts NOW!

They couldn’t stand us in 2016 with the #blackgirlmagic.. they are going sit down for us now because the #badassblackgirls are about to introduce themselves and inspire! Please submit your submissions to I am honored to feature you!


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