bad ass black girl.: Issa Rae

Insecure is something we all are but it takes a #badassblackgirl to admit it. Issa Rae is the creator of the new HBO series “Insecure” a show that doesn’t fall short from being every bit of realistic. The series showcases the friendship, relationship, and just everyday life of a black girl. Issa first started with YouTube videos and took flight with “Insecure.” I know that everybody is itching for Season 2! If you haven’t seen the series please stop cheating yourself! Issa is a bad ass black girl because instead of trying to dress it up she came real… the images you see on “Insecure” and the issues that are being put on the table is nothing but realistic and thought provoking. So we welcome this bad ass black girl to the community with open arms! Issa we thank you for placing images within the main stream that are regular but barely seen. You go head with your bad ass! We got your back! #badassblackgirl.


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