bad ass black girl.: KeKe Palmer

You either love her or you can’t stand her– Miss Keke Palmer! She’s came a long way from Akeila and the Bee. Now a days Keke is making records, stirring up a little drama, and inspiring people all at the same time. That’s the recipe for being a #badassblackgirl! Keke may not do what we want her to do but she does what she wants to do… and she stays true to herself while doing it. You can’t hate her for that– or maybe you can but it’s foolish. So we welcome Keke Palmer to the community by twerking a little bit and then saying an inspirational quote after lol– cause that’s just what this bad ass black girl does! Keep on doing you Keke! We love you for it and the gag is you’re inspiring girls all around the world to be themselves. We appreciate you honey! 


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