What makes you different, makes you it! [bad ass black girl.]

In a world that’s so accessible it’s easy to be trendy and hard to be yourself. You sometimes find yourself brushing over your uniqueness with what society deems as official. Majority of the time its done unknowingly but a portion of it is done to fit in. We have to encourage each other to be ourselves… that’s how the world continues evolving. Never dim your light attempting to fill the status quo of what someone else believes is right. Not one person is the same… we were all made unique for a reason. Sooner or later you will understand why and when you do you’ll see: What makes you different, makes you it!

I remember back in 2013, the scene in Chicago was buzzing. This is when I was introduced to all of the designer things and the lifestyle that came along with it. Honestly, I was in awe. I wanted to incorporate somethings that I saw from the scene into my lifestyle, which I did. However, this is at a time in my life when I was at my peak of being “vintage” and the beginning of me being natural. Overpriced (Urban) Outfitters was my favorite store and I was telling everybody how dangerous relaxing your hair was. The most make up I wore was cheap lipstick or a little gloss… thank God for introducing me to MAC! But, I had friends who were completely different. They were more so into the main stream of things. I was okay with that but sometimes I had thoughts of changing into what I thought was more acceptable.

When I went natural it wasn’t as appreciated as it is now. I received crazy comments all the time. On a daily basis to be honest.  I had people asking millions of questions on why I would cut my hair. When I wore scarfs people automatically assumed I was born in Africa or Muslim. Overall, people just didn’t get it and I learned that was okay.

I learned early in life growing up in a Muslim household that it was a lot that I didn’t have in common with my peers. I always attempted to embrace and educate than to redekule or take offense. It’s was a journey to say the least. Only because sometimes you’d rather blend in that to stand out. I definitely went through that phase but I knew going natural especially then was something I did for myself and not the world. I had to remind and encourage myself of that often.

Looking back now and seeing how things changed, I’m appreciative for the journey. What was called different then is now more accepted. Everyone is natural and we’re all loving it. Those crazy questions like, “Why do you want to wear the hair that grows from your scalp?” don’t come up as often. Just keep in mind that what is titled “trendy” is probably something that wasn’t embraced by the majority first. But, someone appreciated it. Our unique choices and characteristics are the ingredients to what makes us “It!”. 

Be encouraged to be yourself and do it unapologetically. My journey may have been with natural hair. Yours may be something completely different. Regardless of the journey we know its not  an easy one to walk alone. But, whatever you do please don’t dim your light… the world needs that shine and you could be the very person who the world desperately needs. Flaunt your different; it makes you IT!


Just a little encouragement. Feel free to share your thoughts and personal stories below. Keep shining!





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