bad ass black girl. Denver Edition

While in Denver during the TelephoneTour starring Noname x Ravyn Lenae! We ran into this beaut named Nae! She exulted everything that a bad ass black girl. is with her style and grace! We had to feature her! It was so nice meeting you! Keep on shining bad ass black girl!
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bad ass black girl. Detroit Edition

While visiting Detroit I ran into this bad ass black girl. named Jubek! I just had to feature her! Do you see that bomb ass shirt?!  Marcus& Malcolm& Huey! Slay sis! Embrace your history!

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BABGQuestion: Why is Dating So Complicated??? (User Submitted)



So ladies, has it been a time that you meet a guy and you guys are going on dates, hanging out, talking on the phone and now (texting) then BAM… you start to really like him. Two months has passed is that too soon? What is the level of likeness to this someone (LOL)! You all have shared thoughts, had great conversations, and becoming closer. Now are you at the point of, are we dating still or are we like boyfriend and girlfriend? What are we?? Here comes the labels. Labels are hard to digest. Do you ask him where do you all stand or do you just continue to go with the flow. Women nowadays are afraid to scare men off with asking questions to place them in a better situation. Especially if he is what we call “a good one”. At this point what are we to do?


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KMPicks: Vibes at the Moment (Lucky VII)

Quality over quantity any day! I’ve been sitting back and waiting on something special for a while now. Luckily the music gawds felt it was neccessary and presented me with some new vibes. This KMPick is full of melodramatic records. Yes, its a bit emotional this go round but its worth it. With R&B making a comeback; its required that we feel our feelings a little bit. We’ve been trapped out for a while now.

KMPicks SpotlightJaylii- Oceans.
Jaylii is a new artist from Cincinnati and currently signed to 323 Music Group. She is what would you would call a “blast of splash”. Completely original! Follow her on Instagram @JayliiGotJuice. Be sure to check out her video trilogy on YouTube shot by AZae Production. 


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