KMPicks: Vibes at the Moment (Lucky VII)

Quality over quantity any day! I’ve been sitting back and waiting on something special for a while now. Luckily the music gawds felt it was neccessary and presented me with some new vibes. This KMPick is full of melodramatic records. Yes, its a bit emotional this go round but its worth it. With R&B making a comeback; its required that we feel our feelings a little bit. We’ve been trapped out for a while now.

KMPicks SpotlightJaylii- Oceans.
Jaylii is a new artist from Cincinnati and currently signed to 323 Music Group. She is what would you would call a “blast of splash”. Completely original! Follow her on Instagram @JayliiGotJuice. Be sure to check out her video trilogy on YouTube shot by AZae Production. 


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