When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Your early 20’s are nothing short of weary. We all yearn to adult but the truth is that we don’t really understand what that means. You’re taught about puberty and even a little about your teenage years. But, nobody gives you the scoop on how dramatic your 20’s truly are. Here I am 25 years young and I feel like I’ve experienced a midlife crisis every two years from the time that my 20th birthday passed. It’s been a crazy 5 years, to say the least. You go through so many levels of trials and triumphs. You think that you have everything thing figured out and then BOOM! here comes a curve ball completely placing you off your square. It makes you feel like you have to start all over and scratch the plan you thought you had figured out. This alone sometimes makes you feel at your worse but you know that you have to keep going. Easier said than done but honestly starting over is sometimes needed. We all go through different things but we all have something in common… We’re trying to stay afloat. A lot of the strides we take go unnoticed and as much as we don’t want to admit it… we care. I’ve learned that the feeling of wanting to be appreciated is natural. It’s human instinct to want to feel appreciated and noticed; especially when it comes to the pivot points in your life.

Your 20’s don’t give you a break, though. They don’t discriminate. You could be sitting somewhere with your master’s degree, great job, and a beautiful living space but I’m sure it’s something that you just don’t feel like is clicking for you. You could be sitting with no degree, plenty of talent, and traveling but I’m still sure it’s something that’s in the way. No matter your situation, I know that you’re applying a lot of pressure to yourself. You may be applying so much pressure that you’re lowkey stagnate. You’re over thinking and not much is getting accomplished at this point. It’s ok to admit it… you aren’t the only one. Aside from societies standards, we set an even higher standard for ourselves and things have gotten crazy.

The visions we’ve created for ourselves didn’t include curves and nobody warned us. We planned a straightforward road but the way life works we now know how much of a joke that is. No matter what, we’re still pushing to bring these visions to fruition.

The key is to remain consistent and not become discouraged. It’s bittersweet that nobody truly told us what was to come. But, I’ve come to believe that this is a journey you have to figure out for yourself. There’s no wrong way to go as long as you’re moving and setting goals. You hinder yourself when you become too comfortable or even attempt to think that giving up is an option. Listen! Giving up is not an option. All of the shxt we’re going through is molding us into the most amazing human beings that ever walked this earth. We have so much to accomplish and honestly do me a favor right now….

I N H A L E…. h o l d it… EXHALE.

Repeat these words, “I got this! I am in control! The only option is up!” Repeat it twice if you have too.

We’ve accomplished so much believe it or not. We will accomplish it all as long as we pick ourselves up and be the encouragement to each other that we truly need. You’re not the only person going through something. We all are going through it and we can overcome the stress together. Our 20’s are throwing a fit but we’re going to get them together and continue to shine! We are in a prime time of our lives.

For every moment that we feel defeated, we are being prepared to be elevated. I like to think of it as going through a tough winter so that you can really learn how to appreciate the sun when it shines. Please believe the sun will shine again! The only difference will be when the sun decides to shine this time we’ll actually appreciate it. We’ll be prepared. So start getting ready for the sun now. Continue pushing until you can’t mutter or type a word. Never give up on yourself and stay on your course. If you have to detour a little bit that’s ok but don’t get lost. Stick with your plan! We’ll all end up where we need to be. As for these rough 20’s; you just have to be like Kevin Hart and say it with your chest: “I GOT THIS!”


4 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

    1. Will be 30 in July and my last year in my 20’s are still throwing dodge balls BUT I will keep on until I’m the last one on the team.
      This is your gift to speak to the masses,thanks for being the voice of the people.


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