Farewell @FREDOSANTANA300 👼🏽

This morning Savage Squad Records CEO and former GBE affiliate, Fredo Santana died at the tender age of 27 years old. Reports state the cause of death was due to kidney failure. Today the city of Chicago and those abroad mourn the loss of a staple to the drill music scene.

Current events show how detrimental drug use has been to some of Hip-Hop’s younger stars. Back in 2015, the culture took a major lost when ASAP Yams at the age of 26 was reported dead due to a drug overdose. It was said that he possibly died due to a mixture of codeine and Xanax. As time fast forwards, rapper Lil Peep at age 21 was reported dead in November 2017, due to a Xanax overdose.

Addiction to prescription drugs are at an all time high. The addiction comes with a heavy price… your life. It’s truly upsetting to witness as it’s taking the young away before they truly are able to make their mark.

Luckily, the addiction crisis isn’t going unnoticed. Some rappers have vowed to quit cold turkey to ensure their survival. California rapper Hell Gang Mozzy has decided to kick the cup and bring awareness to the epidemic.

The greatest hope is that more artist will follow the way of those like Mozzy. It’s understood that this isn’t a easy battle. But, health is wealth and you have to be here in order to count it!

For those of you who maybe dealing with addiction take advantage of the drug abuse hotlines 1-877-733-2138 so that you can receive the proper help you need.

With great sorrow and a sadden heart we here at KMThinks.com sends prayers and condolences to the family and friends of Fredo Santana. The city cries for you today.



KM Exclusive: Castro x Welcome Home (Mixtape)

Castro x Welcome Home Castro Welcome Home Back

This past weekend I was invited out to Castro’s listening session at Classick Studios for his new mixtape “Welcome Home” hosted by DJ Honorz and DJ Wats. Castro brought the city out! All in support of the new mixtape. Some of your favorite Chicago artist and executives were in the building. Hustle Simmons hosted the event and the night was organized by SWANK PR. Castro played eight of his sixteen songs on “Welcome Home”, two were standouts for me. “Mackin” and “Me N My Money.” Both completely different songs. Castro showed a bit of his versatility on the tape. Its drill but he switched his sound up on certain tracks. “Mackin”  for example takes on a dirty south purple sprite feel; while “Me N My Money” is all about the turn up and flexing. Both great songs in my book. Just look out for those two tracks once he drops the tape.. I guarantee you’ll agree. “Welcome Home” is honestly well rounded tape. Castro does his thing. He holds both the city and eastside down. KMSupports! Make sure you download “Welcome Home” dropping tomorrow on livemixtapes.com at 4pm!

Good Vibes and Blessings: Ace da Vinci ft Jamila Wood x Hands Up (Visual)

Ace da Vinci finally drops my favorite song “Hands Up” and out of no where drops a visual featuring our beloved friend Niema and myself! This isn’t your typical video I must warn you. Creative vibes were flowing and out of no where a camera popped up! So this here is raw footage of true friends enjoying each others art and completely indulging in the talent of our friend! Luckily, you get to see me in rare form… having not a care in the world. Aside from the footage the song “Hands Up” is a beautiful piece of art it self. Ace teams up with Jamila Woods of M&O and they carry out this melodic song accapella embodying every essence of peace. Through out the song Ace and Jamila Woods encourages you to have faith in yourself and to put your hands up to “learn how to fly”. Just click play and be inspired. Salute to the homie Ace da Vinci! Take my word and don’t sleep on him; he has plenty of dope shxt dropping soon. Oh, peace and blessings to Niema on her journey in San Francisco, Cali. We love, miss and support you!

(This feature was personal. Appreciate your friends.. true friends that is!)



What We’ve All Been Waiting For: Chief Keef x Kanye West “Nobody”


The awaited record from Chief Keef and Kanye West just dropped this morning entitled “Nobody”. I personally was excited to see a link finally posted; it’s been a couple of months since the anticipation started to brew. The song kicks off with a sample from Willie Hutch’s “Brothers Gonna Work It Out” which is awesome. I actually feel the beat is what holds “Nobody” along with Kanye’s melodic background singing. Other than that the song falls a little bit short. I was expecting something really phenomenal out of this record. I loved Keef and Kanye’s last collab on “Yezzus” with “I Can’t Hold My Liquor” but this “Nobody” track not so much. Keef decided to wing the whole record himself no verse from Kanye what so ever. The verses we get from Keef aren’t all that strong and the record doesn’t have any tweet worthy lyrics either. That’s rare from Keef he always gives you something to tweet with. Maybe I was expecting something more real. Nothing too deep but something with a little more substance since the beat was so heavy. One thing I know for sure was that I was expecting a verse from Kanye. But, sometime we don’t get what we want we instead get what the artist wants to give us and that’s exactly what “Nobody” is. Nevertheless I can still find appreciation for the song from the history of the beat to the semi feature from Kanye but that’s about it. I want your opinion though. Click play below. Let me know what you think of it… Comment or tweet me @KMThinks_ on Twitter. I’m waiting for your reply.

New Drill: JG x Bam Bandz

JG and Bam Bandz go hella hard! “Meet the Connect” is the name of the single click play above and listen to them kill shxt quickly. Off the anticipated mixtape “College Dope Boy” from JG that was released back in September this track holds all the fire. For those of who love this drill culture JG and Bam is giving it to you raw with this release. To add to what’s already smoking JG teams up with Flash Mob Films for the visual and they completly take the track to another level. Its something about an artist that invest in his craft you can appreciate the product more. Catch up with JG (@JGDOOIT) and Bam Bandz (@BamBandz) on twitter. Don’t forget to download the tape.

S/O to the guys over there at Flash Mob Films. #salute


What Needs To Be in Your Music Archive: Ace da Vinci “God Bless”

“God Bless” is one of those good vibe tracks that you can place on repeat and just go throughout your day with. Ace da Vinci from Chicago is an underground king making his way on to the scene and keeping true to his original self. This track is smooth with just enough bass to get you move from side to side. I’m sure once you press play that hook will be playing in your head over and over again. Honestly, this is what we need in today’s time some positive cool shxt that doesn’t make you feel like you have to shoot to win. KMThinks that Ace da Vinci is an unfound gem that will soon be found and will shine inevitably! Follow Ace da Vinci on Twitter @MrSmartMouf and Instagram @sevendayhigh. Click play above and experience something great! #GodBless