New Found Gem 💎: A$hGod x Grindin’

So recently, I was on Instagram and ran across a video of someone listening to this dope ass song. I was immediately intrigued. So of course I did a little searching and I ended up finding A$hGod’s iG and links to her music. I finally ran into the visual to “Grindin'” and I was impressed from A$hGod’s fashion sense to her laid back yet sassy approach to this record I just knew I had to share her music. That way you guys could experience what I experienced. “Grindin'” is a laid back but it has a little punch to it.. the hook goes “Grindin, nigha I’m Grindin’ oh!” something simple but something that everybody can relate too. Who out here isn’t grinding.? You can cut on this record to just ride down LSD and vibe if you wanted. It’s definitely something smooth to ride to. Not only is the song dope but the visual is nice too. A$h pulls out the Jeep riding with her girl, sipping on Hennessy, and hitting some of the Chi’s most popular designer stores. I’ll just leave the link below and let y’all see what I’m talking about but, #KMThinks that A$hGod is dope. I honestly want to hear more of her to see what else she brings to the table!

Click play below to view A$hGod Grindin’