To Be Inspired: Meet Sir Taylor

Being able to be an artist and lend yourself to a craft is truly a gift. Being able to realize that gift and use it to benefit the world is a blessing. Painting has always interested me… I just never took the time to see if it was something I could personally exceed at. However, my love for art has truly grown and my appreciation for painters and multimedia artist has grown as well. It always interests me what inspired the artist to create. I know that there is always a story behind each line and stroke. I am interested in that story.

Sir Taylor is his name, an upcoming multi media artist from Chicago who uses inspiration to guide his artistry.

KM: What inspired you to begin painting?

Sir Taylor: I grew up watching , a lot of cartoons. That then transpired to drawing as a kid on and off. I was introduced to painting at an young age at a after school program. It wasn’t until I was pretty much grown that I really got into painting. It’s really weird how it took off after that , it felt really natural . Even when I struggled with it , it just felt right. Then I got inspired to figure out what I wanted to say versus mimicking what I saw.

“God Bless Us All” Oil on canvas | 2015|
I really loved this piece because of what it stands for. It’s based off of Inspiration from an N.E.R.D song , which also the title is “God Bless us All”. Basically the song is for a young black male. Pharrell is speaking in the words of an older brother. Basically encouraging this young man. Telling him he was born to bring change , you are brown in a world that’s black and white . But regardless, hold your head… you’re not dead. You can be just as successful as him. This piece speaks on the freedoms as a black male. It also speaks on fighting for those same freedoms. It questions the idea of freedom and what it means. Everyday is a battle, within yourself, against others, institutions, spirituality, etc. but still you push through. Even though you way feel defeated at times… you don’t have to look like it . In the end you’ll make it , just gotta hold your head up and persevere . -Sir Taylor
KM: What would you call your style of art?

Sir Taylor: My style of art, it varies.  I consider myself an multi-media artist . Meaning that I paint with different mediums occasionally . Hyper realism could appear but I really don’t know. I just put what I see and add what I feel.

KM: What inspires you most in life?

Sir Taylor: Life itself . What can be more inspiring to know that you can’t end up where you started if you really tried. The ability to see, hear, feel or even love. I’m inspired by a lot it’s hard to pick what’s most inspiring. It could be a song, words from my peers, other creatives, my family etc. My little cousin once told me he looked up to me, that may have been the most inspiring thing I have ever heard . Who’d think being accountable for another person could be inspiring . It’s crazy.

KM: What is your goal for your art?

Sir Taylor: My goal is to let my art say something and inspire people. When I was younger it would’ve been great to know an artist that came from where I come from. I feel that my life would have been different if that was the case. Although I have no regrets, I believe you go through things a certain way for a reason . I want my art to speak volumes and be more of a testimony. Letting kids like my younger cousin, know it’s OK the chase your passion. Hold on to that thing you love because it will make life that much rewarding .

“For the Free”  Oil on canvas |2015| 
This piece is dedicated to the black woman. Based off the premise of freedom. It’s this idea of release. The idea of letting go and being you. I find at times women aren’t credited enough or that they wear so many hats they forget to breathe and let go just for a moment and embrace how great they are. I chose the image of an ballerina because I think they embody what I wanted to say. Showing the ability to be graceful , while enduring pain and being under so much pressure at the same time . I think that speaks value to our women, so I just want them to dance and be free, even if only for a moment. -Sir Taylor

Thank you Sir Taylor for allowing me the opportunity to feature your thoughts and art. KMSupports.

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